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Interfacing a Electricity Meter with LDR and LM393

EDF installed a Actaris “A14C5 ST” Electricity meter at our home. Unfortunately it is a “ST” version which has no “teleinfo” interface. “ST” seems to mean “Sans Teleinfo”. However there is a pulsing yellow LED on the Actaris meter. The pulses are approximately 15ms long. For each Wh electricity consumption one pulse is emitted. First… Continue reading Interfacing a Electricity Meter with LDR and LM393

Raspberry PI

Raspberry Pi: KMTronic One Relay vs. Phidgets Interface Kit

the comparison between the two relay boards may be a bit unfair, because the Phidgets offering is a series of sensors, motors, relays, displays and other stuff which are all handled by the same sophisticated driver library, whereas the KMTronic relay is just a relay operated via a USB connection and a virtual COM port. Phidgets devices… Continue reading Raspberry Pi: KMTronic One Relay vs. Phidgets Interface Kit

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Silvercrest Wireless Doorbell Tear down

I bought a wireless doorbell at Lidl branded SILVERCREST for unbelievable EUR 5.99. Really amazing! I have been asking myself how this price can be achieved and decided to buy a package and do a tear down of the devices. The product is labeled “JAN 271697”, the transmitter has the model number HG01041A-TX, the door… Continue reading Silvercrest Wireless Doorbell Tear down


The lab is now operational

look inside the lab with lab-dog. Operational does not necessarily mean it is ready – still need some curtains and painting. Currently I don’t have a telephone. Today (January 23, 2017) my microscope arrived. I still don’t have a telephone though. (March 31, 2017) Things evolve… Curtains are there and painting is done. Telephone is… Continue reading The lab is now operational